Osvaldo Ciliento’s was trained as folk dancer so in his early career, he joined first the most important Argentinian folk ballet company and later Tango Pasión. At an early age, (while directing his own folk group called “Los Malambos”), Ciliento travelled and acted in top venues throughout America and Europe. It was only in 1982, he took his first tango class with Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel (known as “The Dinzel”). They invited him to join their ballet company and soon became lead dancer. Since then, Osvaldo never stopped dancing tango. When often asked by reporter what Tango means to him he simply says “tango is my life”. Osvaldo has danced tango with the most important orchestras and conductors of the genre. A natural leader on stage, he has led different Company and choreographed shows worldwide touring. In 1992, he was approached by Tango Pasión and offered an important position within the production by Mel Howard (TP producer), José Libertella (Musical Director), and Héctor Zaraspe (Choreographer). As Artistic Director since 1994, Osvaldo is responsible for revitalizing the original repertoire because as he says “tango has undergone transformations in all eras, both in music and poetry”. The constant growth of Tango will continue to evolve over the years with the new generation of dancers and musicians. However, the essence of tango is the fusion of a couple to form “one”… “Tango is a sad feeling being danced” says Santos Discépolo but Osvaldo tends to differ: “While I am dancing, Tango gives me joy in my soul”.