JUAN CARLOS ZUNINI…”Musical Director”

Pianist and composer Juan Carlos Zunini was born in Salto in 1945 in the República Oriental del Uruguay. Since 1969, He lives in Buenos Aires where he studied harmony, composition and musical arrangement over 7 years with Maestro Guillermo Gratzer. In 1971, he recorded with the “Trío Contemporáneo” the LP “Tiempo de Gardel” and travel with the trio through Japan for a serie of concert in major cities. Between 1981 and 1989 he joined as a pianist the famous Mariano Mores orchestra which recording gained “Gold Record” in Japan. Over these years he travels and performed in South America, United States, Europe, Israel, Japan, etc.

Juan Carlos is a founding member of TANGO PASION and a former member of the SEXTETO MAYOR and achieved throughout the 18 years of TANGO PASION under the Direction of Jose Libertella and Luis Stazo numerours a wide range of musical arrangement needed for the Orchestra.

Juan Carlos is a gifted pianist and accepted to challenge to musical creativity of Tango Pasion’s


with Mariano Mores Orchestra in Japan.


with Sexteto Mayor – Tango Pasión


with a special mention from “Fondo Nacional de las Artes”

for the best song with “Somos el Sur”(escrito con Saul Cosentino).

Selected for his virtuosity by the “Govierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”

for the cycle “PIANISTAS NOTABLES” (2009)