In 2012, Tango Pasion will celebrate 20 years of history, which musical highlight was a nomination at the Latino Grammy Awards in 2003. After Juan Carlos death in 2010, Tango Pasion was trusted to a new generation of talent, offering the musical direction to Gabriel Merlino.

 Gabriel was first bandoneon under the musical direction of Juan Carlos Zunini and also had the opportunity to perform with Jose Libertela in early 2000. From the age of 8, Gabriel studied the bandoneon. His first bandoneon was an old Premier, a gift from his grandfather, a known musician of tango’s golden years. Under the influence of his grandfather he instantly and “instinctively” began to play Tango music. Gabriel says “Tango is emotion. It means childhood souvenir of the coloured streets of Buenos Aires, family gathering and emotion for life and love”. It is also through Tango Gabriel met his wife “Vanina Sol Tagini” at Tortoni Cafe, downtown Buenos Aires. Gabriel and Vanina make an emotional duo expressing true feeling of love.