History of the show and its creation

In 1982, many years after their triumph on Broadway with Hector Orezzoli and Claudio Segovia’s legendary Tango Argentino, producer Mel Howard and José Libertella (co-director with Luis Stazo of the orchestra Sexteto Mayor) decided to create a new, and totally innovative, tango spectacle — to be much more than a variety show. Mel Howard and José Libertella, accompanied by choreographer Hector Zaraspe and painter Ricardo Carpani, spent months in Buenos Aires developing a show that would weave together numerous tango stories. During this process, they uncovered a cast of fabulous dancers representing the full range of Argentine society. the result: Tango Pasión, which launched in a modest theatre in Miami, Florida, and moving next to Broadway before touring the world to critical acclaim. To date, Tango Pasión has enjoyed seven reruns at the théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris. The Tango Pasión saga has introduced the celebrated dance style to many countries, with tours in north and south America, in Europe (France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland and other Nordic countries, Portugal, Holland, Austria), in the middle east, Turkey, and even Libya. Tango Pasión received a triumphant welcome at the Kremlin theatre in Russia, in both Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as in Asia (Japan, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong), and Australia. Tango Pasión is also the first Broadway tango show to be presented in china.