TANGO PASIÓN European tour will be visiting 6 countries over a period of 3 months.  Discover the best of tango with “SINFONÍA de TANGO”. Our new production pays a special tribute to Astor Piazzolla …





Tuesday, January 13th – Toulouse at the Théâtre du Casino Barrière.

Wednesday, January 14th - Carcassonne at the Théâtre Jean Alary

Thursday, January 15th – Nantes at the  Cité des Congrès. 

Friday, January 16th – Tours at the Vinci

Saturday, January 17th - Montaigu  at the Théâtre Thalie

Sunday, January 18th - Bordeaux at the Théâtre du Casino Barrière


THÉÂTRE DE BOBINO, RUE DE LA GAÎTÉ 75014 PARIS; ( 3 weeks/ over 20 performances)

Tuesday, January 20th 21h00 at Bobino

Wednesday, January 21st 21h00 at Bobino

Thursday, January 22nd 21h00 at Bobino

Friday, Janaury 23rd 21h00 at Bobino

Saturday, January 24th 16h30  at Bobino

Saturday, January 24th 21h00 at Bobino

Sunday, January 25th 16h00 at Bobino

Tuesday, January 27th 21h00 at Bobino

Wednesday, January 28th 21h00 at Bobino

Thursday, January 29th 21h00 at Bobino

Friday, January 30th 21h00 at Bobino

Saturday, January 31th 16h30  at Bobino

Saturday, January 31th  21h00 at Bobino

Sunday, February its 16h00 at Bobino

Tuesday, February 3rd 21h00 at Bobino

Wednesday, February 4th 21h00 at Bobino

Thursday, February 5th 21h00 at Bobino

Friday, February 6th 21h00 at Bobino

Saturday, February 7th 16h30 at Bobino

Saturday, February 7th 21h00 at Bobino

Sunday, February 8th 16h00 at Bobino



Tuesday, February 10th - Rueil Malmaison at the Théâtre André Malraux

Wednesday, February 11th - Roubaix, Théâtre du Colisée

Thursday, February 12th - Saint Dizier, Les Fuseaux

Friday, February 13th - Colmar at the Halle Aux Vins

Saturday, February 14th – Caluire-et-Cuire (Lyon) Le Radiant.

Sunday, February 15th - Aix en Provence at the Théâtre du Pasino.



Tuesday, February 17th – Tanger, 20h30 Instituto Severo Ochoa

Thursday, February 19th – Casablanca, 20h30 Cinéma Rialto

Friday, February 20th- Rabat, 20h30 Théâtre National Mohammed V



Tuesday,  February 24th; HELSINKI,  19.30 Savoy Theatre “Premiere”

Wednesday, February 25th, HELSINKI,  19.30 Savoy Theatre 

Thursday, February 26th, HELSINKI,  19.30 Savoy Theatre

Friday, February 27th, HELSINKI,  19.30 Savoy Theatre

Saturday, February 28th, HELSINKI,  14h00 & 19.30 Savoy Theatre


Monday, March 2, TURKU 19.30 , Logomo 

Tuesday March 3, HÄMEENLINNA 19h30, Verkatehdas 

Wednesday March 4, LAHTI 19h30 , Sibeliustalo

Thursday March 5th MIKAELI 19h30, KONSERTTITELO

Friday March 6, KUOPIO 19h30 , Musiikkitalo

Saturday March 7th, OULU 20h00, Madetojansali



Wednesday, March 11th, Saint Petersburg, Среда, 20h00



Friday, March 13th Geneva at the Théâtre du Léman ; 20h00

Saturday, March 14th Geneva at the Théâtre du Léman ; 15h00 & 20h00

Sunday, March 15th Saint Maurice Salle du Martolet ; 17h00

Tuesday, March 17th Bern, National Theatre ; 20h00

Wednesday, March 18th Zurich, at Theater 11; 20h00

Thursday, March 19th Zurich, at Theater 11; 20h00



Saturday, March 21st Lisbon at CCB; 21h00

Sunday, March 22nd Lisbon at CCB; 16h00

Thursday, March 26th Figueira da Foz at CAE; 21h30

Friday, March 27th Figueira da Foz at CAE; 21h30

Saturday, March 29th Porto at the Coliseu; 21h30